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great documentary Sidney - thanks for sharing.


And did it work?


Reportage bouleversant!


now he talks.... i m not sure!! ouhhhhh, i can t look .. but more humanity than video about chickens..... very interesting your work!! we learn a lot , well done! go on !


jespere qu i l n lui a pas tordu le cou....... vraiment je naurais pa confiance dans ces manifs... (video)




Une série vraiment très intéressante !


Another compelling story. I watched the video but unfortunately don't understand it. Interesting to see this icon speaking though.


That poor woman. All she is needs is a bit of support and she can have a very productive life. It's so frustrating, living in a country that is so resourced, I wish I could provide people like her the same kind of support.

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yiannis krikis

excellent b&w work and portraits


quite haunting and sad. brilliant images, sidney.


The first lady is unbelievably thin. What a sad state for a person to live in. I watched the video and found it very interesting. i thought it amazing how the healer used flame all over the boy's body.


Tes portraits sont toujours magnifiques et collent parfaitement au contexte , on voyage grace à toi . Je suis fan de ce genre de phots , ces N§B sont très beaux .Beaucoup d'émotions se dégagent de ces scènes de vie .Un monde qui m'est totalement inconnu


I'm actually speechless here. Your photographs and the story of her life that accompanies it are just mind blowing. Incredible documentary work Sidney!


I'm actually speechless here. Your photographs and the story of her life that accompanies it are just mind blowing. Incredible documentary work Sidney!


croire aide sans aucun doute à supporter l'inimaginable cruauté de la vie !
superbe encore une fois !!


Have can read large emotions in the faces, here they are of large photographs, cheer!..


tu vois , ce qui me surprend le plus, c'est la maigreur des vieilles personnes ... j'en suis "presque" une ... et on ne peu pas dire que je sois si mince ......


i wonder if this woman is one i noticed in the sun photograph series. the one who was sitting in a chair and had someone holding up her arms. i noticed her in the other series and wondered a lot about her. if it's the same woman she does look better here.

the photograph with the child in it is moving. i like the bottom photograph of Master Anos in the plants.

and the video is interesting. it's nice to hear the camera firing. and i can see why days of observing and shooting this would be exhausting.


La vidéo de Dennis est assez impressionnante et complète bien tes images.
Le Philippin et le Malgache sont deux langues assez proches car j'ai pu comprendre pas mal de choses!


very strong this part of set, but fascinating and interesting as always


very interesting story about the wee evil gremlins... i wouldn't leave food out for them! i feel sorry for the woman, and it would be nice if she could be put out of her misery... i'm glad she has a picture of Jesus even tho that's like... a false idol to Jesus i think, but i imagine comforting to her... your pictures of this saga are getting better and better, but i couldn't get the video to play :(


Il faut espérer que la foi sauve !

fortuitous faery

Sidney, I think I hear your camera's shutter sound in that mute boy scene. I am shocked though at how they are bathing his naked body with candle flame!

That scene with the man lying down and the exorcist putting his hand down his pants is embarrassing! The man was telling him, "Don't hold my privates, you're GAY!"

It should be a very interesting documentary indeed!


j'ai passé ma nuit à me plaindre de relations à mon travail parce que j'ai eu un coup dur. De te lire là, je relativise et ça va mieux.
La misère physique, quand elle appelle la misère du coeur....c'est désespérant. J'avoue, l'occidental que je suis, est obligé de s'ouvrir les yeux là.ça m'interpelle.

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